Feng Shui for Decatur Homes

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Feng Shui is a popular Chinese philosphy that attempts to alter the flow of "good energy" to your home by following certain accepted Feng Shui practices.   

For example, according to Feng Shui, the entrance to your home is very important, as it can invite "good energy" into the home.

An inviting front door and brightly lit entryway can add prime Feng Shui appeal to home buyers.

Feng Shui experts also suggest:

  • Keeping toliet seats down and closing bathroom doors shut to prevent energy from flushing away.
  • Placing the master bed in the farthest corner facing the door to the bedroom in a place of honor
  • Hanging wind chimes near the front door to invite more positive energy into your home

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Another article published by Realtor Magazine suggests that " buyers who believe in the principles of Feng Shui will avoid homes with the following characteristics:"

5 Feng Shui Deal Breakers for Buyers

  • A home with the bathroom located in the central tai chi area - the area of the home where all of the energies are in perfect balance
  • A home with a spiral staircase in the center
  • A home with a staircase directly in front of the front door
  • Property located at a T or Y-junction road with heavy road traffic
  • An Excessively oddly shaped home

For Sellers: