Hot Atlanta! How to Survive an Atlanta Summer

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According to Weather.Com and Current Results,  a website that publishes weather and science facts,  Atlanta has an average summer temperature of 89.4 F!  It often feels much higher, but the temperature doesn’t often reach into the 100’s here, although highs in the 90’s can occur from May to September.

Atlanta has an average of 217 sunny or partly sunny days during the year, but the summer months are often unbearably hot and uncomfortable.  Before air-conditioning,  Atlanta homeowners kept their homes darkened, with heavy drapes covering the windows to keep the hot air from the house during the day, and they opened windows in the evening for a possible breeze.  Atlantans are much cooler these days as our Atlanta homes, cars and work places are all comfortably air-conditioned.

Here are a few ways to survive those really hot days:

  • Try to avoid being outside as much as possible, unless you are at the pool.
  • Mow your lawn and water your plants early in the day before the worst heat.
  • If you do have to be out, try to avoid the peak hours between 11am-2 pm
  • Apply  sunscreen 30 minutes prior to exposure, preferably 15 SPF
  • Wear a hat and encourage your children to wear one too
  • Stay hydrated – drink plenty of water throughout the day

Some Pool Safety Tips:

  • Avoid swimming if you are tired or just eaten
  • Don’t swim by yourself
  • Don’t leave children unsupervised – even with a lifeguard present
  • Stay out of the pool during lightening

Enjoy your Atlanta Summer and stay safe!



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