Decatur home styles

Diverse Architectural Styles in Decatur!

The City of Decatur combines the ambience of a small town and all the benefits of a major metropolitan area.  Over the past decade, Decatur has added more than 500 new mid-rise residential units in the downtown district and more than 30,000 square feet of street-level retail.  Decatur has developed their streetscape and encouraged multiple new organizations and retail properties to move into the area.

Downtown Decatur is surrounded by beautiful historic neighborhoods, reflecting a variety of architectural styles.  The tree-line streets, strong sense of community, and nationally recognized school system continue to draw young families to the city.  It's also a mecca for singles - with chic restaurants, shops, and a vibrant walkable downtown area.  Decatur is a close-in community close to major shopping centers, grocert stores, churches, restaurants, interstate highways and an international airport.