Staging Your Decatur or Emory Area Home

Living Room with Fireplace in Heritage Two

Heritage Two Living Room with Fireplace

Professional staging can improve the appearance of most Decatur homes, but there are a few tips that individuals can follow to stage their own home to sell. We often don't see our homes objectively while we are living in them and staging a home to sell is very different.

Several years ago I read an informative article in the Atlanta Journal about staging your home to attract buyers.  Here are some of the recommendations they suggested:

  • ‚ÄčInside the Home
    • Declutter, but don't leave rooms sterile
    • Clean everything from windows to floors
    • Paint rooms in light, neutral colors.  Consider tan, green or gray
    • Remove dated wallpaper and drapes
    • Pack away family photos, trophies, books and collectibles.  Remove anything that makes the house "yours".  Buyers need to visualize their belongings in the house.
    • Update light fixtures, faucets and cabinet hardware
    • Remove excess furniture to make rooms look more spacious
    • Store furniture and clutter off-site.  Don't pile everything in the basement or garage.  Buyers want to see these spaces uncluttered
    • Arrange furniture for easy traffic flow.  Consider placing a major piece of furniture like a bed or courch at an angle.  Angles add interest and create a more open feel.
    • Dust and clean lighting fixtures and overheat fans.  Remove cobwebs from recessed lighting.
    • Clean fireplace and prepare logs for display.
    • If the house is vacant, rent or leave some furniture.  When a house is empty, buyers can't connect to it or visualize how to furnish it.  Furniture helps define the room and purpose.
  • .Kitchen/Dining Room
    • Clear countertops.  Leave a few accessories like a coffeepot
    • Set the dining room or breakfast table with placemats, dinnerware and napkins
  • Bathrooms
    • Remove tolietries from countertops, window sills and sides of bathtub or shower.
    • Hang new towels
  • Outside Your Home
    • Paint the front door, shutters and mailbox
    • Update outside light fixtures and welcome mat
    • Add a colorful potted plant or plant seasonal flowers near front entrance
    • Clear leaves from beds and add fresh mulch.

These are all excellent tips to help you stage your home for sale.  There is another important suggestion worth mentioning here.  Many buyers are particularly sensitive to pet and cooking smells.  A well-staged home is important but one that smells clean and fresh will also help attract buyers. 

If you feel challenged with the staging process, you might want to consider hiring a professional stager. Give us a call and we will be happy to provide a list of experienced stagers who can assist in staging your home.

For Sellers: